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Our mountain home in Sneem is the result of a long hard search spanning many years and as I write this we have been in the property less than one year. I purchased the property primarily for the location and not the house, although we have grand plans for the house too, hopefully adding more age and traditional construction. The overall goal is to be self sufficient in power, with no reliance on services, though the use of intelligent software control.

Most of the planned systems are yet to be implemented but this is where the funs starts, hooking everything together and realising our dream of power self-sufficiency. It would be a lot easier if I was running the system at a higher voltage, but for several reasons I have decided to stick with 12 volts as my primary battery bank. If this does not work out I my suppliment the battery storage, but I hope to produce enough power by over specifing everything (if one is good more must be better). This will mean that, hopefully, a lot of the time I will be producing an excess of power, which the iCatcher based control systems will intelligently dump so as to best use the surplus, on cold days it will go to heating.

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