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Ireland’s Wildlife is an online resource and community for everyone interested in the wilder side of Ireland.A great website run by Calvin Jones.
  Sneem Wildlife & Nature - Birds Spotted in our garden
We have been feeding the birds since we got here and have 2 feeders set up in the front garden area.

In no paricular order here is the list of birds that we have seen at the house or above the garden. Where we have pictures we have included a link.

Bird Name (32) Notes
Blackbird Several squabbling pairs
Blue Tit Regular feeder visitor
Bullfinch Hedgerow on drive
Chaffinch 1000s - feeder visitor
Coal Tit Regular feeder visitor
Cuckoo 2 or 3 always calling in the summer
Dunnock Several in the garden
Dipper On the stream at the back
Fieldfare Take over the garden
Great Tit Regular feeder visitor
Goldfinch Down the drive
Grey Wagtail Regular visitor
Hooded crow Attacking lambs at the front gate
Jay Frequent visitor
Kestral Often seen on the telephone wires
Linnet On the feeder
Magpie Several seen at the gate
Merlin On the drive
Meadow Pipit Several
Peregrine Falcon Swooping down from the mountain
Pied Wagtail Love playing on the roof
Raven Ronnie !
Robin Many different birds in the garden
Redwing With the Fieldfares
Snipe In the orchard
Siskin Resident - they take over
Swallow Love chasing the car down the lane
Spotted Flycatcher In the orchard
Woodcock In the meadow
White Tailed Eagle Seen at the rear over the mountain
Wren Many different birds in the garden
Thrush (Song) In the garden

There are many LBJs yet to be identified.

(we have several feeding stations around the house)

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