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  Renewable Energy & Technology - Batteries Page 1

The heart of any self contained renewable energy system is the batteries. I subscribe to the thought that batteries never die they are always murdered, so I wanted my batteries to be as robust as possible and I was going to make sure they were well cared for. Sizing the battery bank is vital and my goal was to avoid discharges greater than 80% whenever possible.

After pondering the choice of battery for a few years I had to make up my mind and all things considered I chose the Rolls batteries. To be more accurate I puchased 6 new Rolls 2YS31P cells. I must admit I found the thought of getting them up to the house very daunting so in the end I asked a friend, Bob Barnes, to take control so all credit is down to Bob (and I owe him 2 CCTV cameras).

Stage 1 - Getting them up the lane

With a combined weight of over 1700lbs getting the battery bank in position was always going to be the difficult job
Stage 2 - Unloading the batteries

Bob decided the best way to move the batteries was to walk them off as Ian "Strongman" Morley demonstrates above.
Stage 3 - Moving the batteries

Bob brought up his old sack truck which proved just capable of moving the batteries around,
Batteries Page 2 - Continues

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