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  Renewable Energy & Technology - Windmills

At the moment there are no windmills located at our mountain home, although we do intend to install the first windmill before the end of the year (2012). The second windmill will follow the year after the plans are detailed below.

Marlec 910-3

I have owned a Marlec 910-3 for some time but unfortuantly the tower came down last year and damaged the turbine. During the time I have the 910-3 (about 5 years) it worked flawlessly, and it was virtually silent in operation, which is important to me.

I decided some time ago that the reliability and good lowspeed operation was a well suited addition to my power systems. Although it tops out at about 10 amps into the battery bank, everything helps and a reliable windmill is a joy to own.

We have found a great location for the windmill about 30 metres above the house on a flat area of the mountain, with a clear view to the south and west I am hoping this will be a great place for the turbine. Windmills are greatly effected by airturbalance and the ground effect so time will tell.

(Marlec 910-3)

Marlec 1803

The Marlec 1803 is an totally different beast. It is capable of delivering close to 1Kw compared the 910-3's output 120 watts, this is hopefully going to be a great addition to the power system.

A friend of mine, Tom the Blacksmith, recently erected an 1803 on his property which is also located near Sneem. When the 1803 comes on line, some time in 2013, then I will also implement a dump load failsafe system to prevent battery damage in periods of high winds.

The main issue installing a windmill of this size is the construction of the tower. I will wait and see how Tom's home brew design goes before deciding exactly how to build mine.

(Marlec 1803)
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