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  Renewable Energy & Technology - Batteries Page 2

Well that's just about as far as we have got with the batteries for now, they are on the garage floor. The next stage is to build the battery box which will protect the batteries and allow for ventilation. I have decided to keep the batteries in the corner of the garage with the 2 garage walls making up the 2 sides of the battery box.

To be continued ......


OK I have now got the batteries into the corner of the garage. I dusted down and scraped the floor, then laid out 2 lots of carpet tiles (thanks Ian), and put a piece of ply on top. Julie helped me move the batteries over to the corner with the aid of the sack truck. You have to really take your time when doing this, if the battery fell over it would be a disaster.

Once in position the batteries (or cells to be correct) were wired up with pre-made connecting leads to make a 12 volt battery. The connection leads are huge, thicker than a broom handle, but you cannot scrimp when you are dealing with large currents at low voltage.

I checked the voltage of each cell and they were all at 2.1 volts, perfect. Once the battery was wired up it measured 12.6, nearly a full charge so I was pretty pleased.

1900lb of batteries - 3500 Ah will it be enough ?

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