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  Our Mountain Home - The First year - Page 2

Drainage/Damp - On going
The house exterior was in need of protection from the elements, this involved bleaching the entire exterior of the house (5%) to kill all the microbes and mold, wire brushing and pressure washing. Once the walls were prepared we applied 3 coats of paint. In the photo on the right we are 50% through the job, note that the grey gravel front is yet to be laid and the land in front of the house is still boggy.

After the first big rain we found out that both chimneys were leaking badly, so that soon took priority and both chimneys were extensivly repaired. The damage in the bedroom in the new extension was quite bad and all the plasterboard will have to come down, which is not too bad as it gives us the oppitunity to insulate the roof to a good standard.

(First coat of paint - no gravel drive and cracked chimneys)

We have seen some heavy rain since and the chimneys have held up fine so fingers crossed for the future.

In the picture on the right you can see the painting is all done (although some areas still need another coat), and the chimneys are now water tight.

You can also see that Ian has been at work and now the land in front of the house is no longer mud and grass, we now have a firm gravel base. The longer term plan is to pave this area with reclaimed flagstones, if I can find a supply.

The drains are also visable in the picture, you can see the trench that encircles the house, and where I am sitting it joins the main drain. The trench will eventually be made up with stone and cement, but that will have to wait until we have found the stone paving, we need to get the levels right so its best this work is done at the same time.

(Finshed for now - House painted and drive done)

First years work - Page 1

First years work - Page 3 continues

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