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  Our Mountain Home - The First year - Page 1

When we first arrived at our new home we already had a thousand plans and one of the most difficult problems was knowing where to start. Luckly enough jobs (most of them unforseen) seemed to prioritise themselves and we soon got things in order.

Drainage/Damp - On going
The biggest issue which concerned me was how exposed to water and damp it was. I thought I could do something about that and so that was obviously a top priority.

The house is on the side of a mountain and having no working land drainage in place the land around the house was very boggy, also, there was damp in the house. The house is old but I am hoping that at then end of our work it will be a very warm and comfy place to live.

The priorities were to dig up the boggy land in front of the house and replace with compacted green gravel, it was a horrible job but as usual Ian came through and we now have a nice hard surface at the front. Ian then dug an open drain round the entire house which was connected to the existing main drain (bottom right).

In order to drain the meadow Ian dug two field drains which are constantly flowing and have made a huge difference. The area to the right of the large field drain has now been strimmed over half a dozen times and the land is really firming up. The image on the right shows the drain shortly after it had been dug, the meadow has not yet been strimmed.

When we moved in the mountain behind the house was completely overgrown and no paths existed. We have now put in about 200 metres of paths and drains behind the house (see picture below). We still have some way to go but the amount of water that actually reaches the area round the house has been drastically reduced, maybe by as much as 90%.

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