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  Our Mountain Home - The Planned work

When we first arrived at Derryleagh we had a thousand plans and one of the most difficult problems was knowing where to start. Luckily enough jobs seemed to prioritise themselves and we soon got things in order.

Poly Tunnel - Not started
The biggest issue in ,my mind when buying the house was how exposed to water issues and damp it was. I thought I could do something about that and so that was obviously a top priority when we purchased.

Windmills - Not started
Much of the land was overgrown, all of the mountainside behind the house was out of control, and the land in the front of the house was a mass of brambles,

Renewables In use - Not started
The house had been fully rendered and yet never painted, the render was full of moss and other plant growth. The first stage was to bleach the house, we did this with hand sprayers full of dilute bleach.

Replace windows - Complete

Re-roof & make good shed - Complete

Pave the front - On going

Insultate the roof - Not started

There will be lots of other smaller jobs of course, but of little interest.

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