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  Sneem Village - General Information

Here is some useful contact information

Dr Malone   064 6645102    
Public Health Nurse   086 787096    
Gardai   064 6645111    
Sneem Fire Station   999 or 122
Christian's Taxi Service   +353 (0) 87 244 9026    
Sneem Resource Centre   064-6645545
Kerry Airport   +353 (0) 669764644
Shannon Airport   +353 (0) 61712000
Cork Airport   +353 (0) 214313131
USA Embassy - Dublin   (01) 9036255
Sneem Community Inforamtion

Although this web site is mainly intended to be about my house and the nature arround it I feel I have to share the news that there is no where nice to visit than Sneem. Note I am in no way connected to any of the businesses mentioned on this site.

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