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  Sneem Village - Where to Go in & around Sneem

Sneem and the surrounding Kerry countryside boasts a huge range of attractions and things to do, including iron age forts, white sand beaches, working farms, old and new, and of course great pubs. A list of our favorite places to go follows.

Stay in the Viillage !
Sneem is a fantastic place and there are little gems everywhere you look. Have a look at my
Virtual Sneem page and explore the village. Alternativly go for a rambling walk around the village, everyone is friendly and there is so much history to see, stop at one of the many pubs and enjoy the traditional atmosphere.

0 Miles from Sneem

Blueberry hill farm
A working farm on the outskirts of Sneem, offering a range of courses or just a good family day out. Really good for the children where they can learn how to milk a cow, make butter and then cook some nice food with the efforts of thier labours. There is no better way to teach children about where food comes from.

0.5 Miles from Sneem - Tel: Yvonne 0863160224 or Sigi 0863561150

Staigue Stone Fort
Staigue Fort is one of the largest and finest ring forts you are likely to see in Ireland. It stands on a low hill in an amphiteatre of rugged hills open to the sea on the south. The fort is thought to have been built during the late Iron Age, probably somewhere between 300 and 400 AD, as a defensive stronghold for a local lord or king.

3.5 Miles from Sneem

Castle Cove
Located close to Staigue Fort is Castle Cove. A small village resort with fine sandy beaches nearby, on a bay in the picturesque Kenmare River. The coast has created natural rock pools and there are exquisite sandy coves dotted underneath the cliffs. The famous Black Shop Bar is located on the N70 that runs through the village.

4.0 Miles from Sneem.

Molls Gap (including Avoca gift shop and cafe
Molls Gap is named after a woman, Moll Kissane, who reputedly ran a shebeen (a hostelry of dubious reputation) in this area in the 1800s. Set high on a rocky ridge. The Avoca Cafe & Shop overlooks mountains, rivers, lush countryside and the famous Lakes of Killarney.

12 Miles from Sneem

Muckross (Kilarney National Park)
You can not do justice to Muckross House or the national park with a little thumbnail image. Follow the link to the Muckross website to get the a better impression of the beauty of both the house and surrounding countryside.

18 Miles from Sneem - Tel: 064 6670144

Inch Beach
Inch beach is most famous as the beach where Ryan's Daughter was famously filmed, if you liked the films then that warrents a visit in its own right.

The beach is a sand spit jutting into the sea between Dingle Harbour and Castlemaine Harbour. An extensive sandy beach in a rural environment, the whole area is rich in habitats of flora and fauna. Be warned it can be very exposed during bad weather.

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