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  Renewable Energy & Technology - Solar PV - Page 2

The Chinese Experiment
In the 15 years I have been using solar I have experimented with various different panels, but recently I have only used panels from the German manufacturer Solara. Recently the prices of panels from the far east have really fallen so I have decided to try some and see how I go. It will be an expensive mistake if they dont hold up to the Irish weather, but at half the price of the German panels I am too tight not to give it a go.

I purchased 4 x 100 watt panels and Ian and I made up another frame. With the help of Dennis, we managed to put the duct in place, which runs 60 metres from the garage through the drain and the hedge into the meadow. The addition of a post and connection box we were ready to go. Like the other panels these are wired in series and connected to a morningstar controller (No.2) and then on to the 12 volt battery. I went for a higher wattage panel to combat the loss down the long cable run.

The new array has only be in for a week and seem to be producing well, I have seen over 25 amps into the battery from this array, at the same time the other arrays were producing nearly 50 amps, so the new record is 75 amps from the PV solar. This is getting close to my goal of 100 solar PV amps into the 12 volt battery. The next step is to put up another 4 panels and they are going to be from yet another manufacturer (unless the Solara price drops in the mean time), read on for the final solar installment on page 3.

(The wires were run in a duct for 60 metres)

4 x 100 watt cheaper Chinese PV pannels in a timber frame

(Thick wire ready for the windmill too)

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