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  Renewable Energy & Technology - Solar PV - Page 3

The Next Array
In order to reach my 100 amp PV goal I need to install another array of panels. In the interest of evaluating different manufacturers I think I am going to go for something inbetween the Solara and the Chinese panels, most likly the Victron panels.

Once this next set of 4 pannels is in I will take a break from the PV and start with the wind mill. This will allow me to evaluate the panels performance over a longer period of time (different seasons).

I think that eventually I might well be adding an additional morningstar controller and 2 more 4 panel arrays. This will significantly boost my "overcast day" power and provide additional redundancy in case of hardware failure. The computer systems will provide the necessary dumping intelligence to deal with "sunny & windy days" when I am going to be producing too much power.

I hope to get array number 4 in place before Christmas, who knows I might even be able to run a 400 watt electric heater over Christmas.

Current PV Solar Capacity - 1.1 KW

(Solar frame drying in the garage)


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